Workshops and Panels for 2015 DWF?

As I sit here planning the 2015 DWF, I had a sudden thought. We are already in the process of putting together workshops and have booked at least one FX artist so far…

What if we also looked into doing another type of Workshop / Panel. What if we put together a panel to discuss the fascination and science around zombism?

What are your thoughts?

Another idea was a panel to discuss Zombie rights...

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Dead Walk Host Contest Extended


We have received emails asking us to extend the deadline for the horror host contest for the 2015 Dead Walk Fest contest. Our original thoughts and intentions was that if people are getting dressed up for Halloween, why not shoot a contest entry video?

That is unfair to think that people wouldn’t want to focus and spend a fair amount of time on their submission videos.

So we have decided to p...

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Award winning film “Dead Weight” to screen


“I came all this way just to see you…” – Charlie

The Award Winning film “Dead Weight” will be screening at the 2015 Dead Walk Fest! “Dead Weight” was the winner of best feature and best writer at the Madison Horror Film Festival and nominated best feature at the New Orleans Horror Film Festival...

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Become THE official zombified host of DWF!

DWSquareThe Dead Walk Fest is looking to dig up a host. In the past we have done different ways of picking a host, but one of my favorite ways was when we had done it through a contest. The Ladies of Horror was a fun event and contest that we created for CHFF and everyone really enjoyed being a part of it. So we are going to do it again this year for the Dead Walk Fest...

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Rating System

Tomorrow we will be announcing our first selection for the 2015 Dead Walk Fest. As we schedule films and events for the festival, we are going to prepare our own rating system. This way, viewers will know what is family friendly and what is not.

We are doing this because even though
we are a zombie festival, that doesn’t mean everything needs to be for adults...

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The Vision


The Vision for the Dead Walk Festival.  It has been asked, what is the Dead Walk Festival?  Just another Zombie Film Festival?  Really?

To say it simply, no it is not.  We envision so much more and to be an interactive and fun experience, some of which available for all ages.  We do not call it the Dead Walk Film Festival...

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The Return of JASON…

2013-09-27 18.06.01

Jason Davis returns to bring a new festival of horror, this time, with Zombies!

Jason R. Davis, founder of the Chicago Horror Film Festival and the Indie Horror Film Festival returns to bring the new “Dead Walk Festival.”. Davis had left organizing festivals in 2010, but cones back to take this new festival to a new level of fun filled horror.

“I want to try an make it a larger, more interactive e...

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The 2013 Living Dead Film Festival Award Winners!


A big congrats to all of the winners!

We want to extend a huge apology, as the “Best Zombie Comedy” award certificate did not make it to the festival and thus was not announced, but we have included it here.

We had a great festival full of awesome zombie flicks and very talented individuals from many places across the country in attendance.  Thank you all for your support!

We would also like to e...

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The Living Dead Film Festival – THIS SATURDAY!

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Come join us for a full day of Blood, Brains & Zombies at The Ashbary Coffee House as Breaking Fate Entertainment presents The Living Dead Film Festival!

The Ashbary Coffee House, located at 8695 Archer Ave Ste 1,  in Willow Springs, Illinois, will open at 11am and the festival will begin at 1pm in the sound/theater room upstairs!

Films showing at this fun event include Atom The Amazing Zombie ...

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Schedule of Events for the 2013 Season!


2013 Schedule Of Events!

11:00AM Doors Open

01:00PM Atom The Amazing Zombie Killer  80m

02:30PM Intermission

02:45PM Pot Zombies 2  90m

04:15PM Intermission


06:00PM Intermission

06:15PM BIOPHAGE  90m

07:45PM Intermission


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